[ tuh-meh-ri-tee ]
noun – the confidence to act boldly

My name is Elliot Dean.

I am the founder of Temerity Digital and have a passion for digital marketing and helping others be their best self.

Firstly, I want to congratulate you. Why, I can hear you thinking? I haven’t done anything!

You’ve actually taken a big step, by booking an SEO call. As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest, and this one may have started you on the path to online success.

Follow the why/what/how/now framework to explain why this is important and why the reader should pay attention, what it is exactly that you are giving away for free, how it works and what they should do now to access it.

Break up the reading with subheadings.

Why is this important?

When explaining why something is important, use the SET framework to make your case. SET stands for Social, Economic and Technological factors that have changed the way the world works. This is why your new solution is important.

What is it?

When explaining what it is you are giving away, list out a maximum of three features and then explain the benefit of those features by using the words “so that” or “so you can”.

EG: This template will allow you your team to access all of your brand assets in the cloud so that your visual and written communication is consistent no matter who is publishing.

How does it work?

When explaining how it works, give a very high level overview and avoid going into too much detail. If you give too much information, you might confuse your reader and then they will leave without downloading the free resource.

What should they do now?

Tell your reader specifically to click the button, enter their information and they will get immediate access to the free resource you are promising.

Sign off with a personal statement of positivity and encouragement.

We look forward to helping you unleash your awesome!

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Elliot Dean – Founder/CEO of Temerity Digital

We LOVE a happy client!

Elliot and Marcus have been looking after our website and other digital marketing needs for 10 years plus and it has been great to have forged a terrific relationship with such a responsive partner like Temerity Digitial. Love you work!

We have been working with Temerity Digital since the beginning of 2020 and continue to find them fantastic operators. Elliot, Marcus and the extended team offer amazing service, expert digital knowledge and thorough reporting. We view them as extended members of our team and regularly seek out their recommendations and advice. Their pricing is competitive and they keep that personal boutique agency feel, which is what we are after.

I found Elliot incredibly helpful when I needed to transfer my website from Squarespace to WordPress. His web design team were incredibly efficient and responsive. We have since used Temerity Digital for a range of digital marketing services, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their online presence.

Elliot & Marcus, were very professional & very easy to work with. They were always available to discuss my ideas & requirements, they offered up their extensive experience to put our Website together. I would & will recommend Temerity Digital to anybody looking to build a Website for their business or personal landing page.

Temerity Digital is absolutely wonderful to work with - Elliot and his team were patient with questions, responsive and thoughtful throughout the whole process. We could not be happier with our new website!

I have used Elliot and the team at Temerity for over 10 years. They have designed two business web sites and handled all our SEO. A great company to work with, I have recommended them to many friends with confidence.

I had the pleasure of working with Temerity Digital.I have nothing but good things to say. Elliot is very very professional and eager to help. Overall I have had a great experience with Temerity Digital , and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get good quality SEO work done.

Just celebrated 10 years benefiting from the great services of Temerity Digital. Elliot and his team are always friendly, responsive and exceed expectations. Highly recommend them. Brendan from Mind Health Care

I got recommended Temerity Digital from a colleague of mine. From the first meeting with Elliot, I felt confident Elliot was man to achieve a higher google ranking and presence I was after. He has delivered on his promise, his web design was perfect and his ongoing SEO has seen my website rank top fold in google organic search. His work and communication is fantastic. I could not recommend Elliot any more!