Promote your business directly to customers with carefully designed and scripted emails

It’s a lot easier to get your existing customers to spend more money than to acquire new customers. Our email marketing services are perfect for small business and larger companies alike. Make use of your existing database list and put together a strategy that re-engages current clients and pushes potential clients across the line!

Email marketing has a range of benefits

  • Low cost compared with other channels
  • Build trust between your brand and your list
  • Higher conversion rates than any other marketing medium
  • Immediate impact and 24/7 results
  • Easy to Track Sales and User Engagement
  • Allows segmentation to better target prospects

Our Email Marketing Strategy

People check their emails multiple times a day, making it the perfect marketing channel to communicate your message. We have a variety of email campaigns including informative newsletters, dedicated emails, lead nurturing, transaction emails, re-engagement emails, or fully automated campaigns. We also implement highly effective ‘opt-in’ forms to help you build your list of prospects.

1. Consultation

We get to know your brand and identify your email marketing goals. We will assess your standard customer and their greatest needs.

2. Approach

We decide on the most suitable email marketing platform to use, and the best types email campaign(s) to suit your specific agenda.

3. Account setup

We establish an account, import your existing list, and perform a list segmentation analysis and implementation.

4. Design

Our creative team puts together custom email designs for the campaign, using proven techniques to maximise conversions.

5. Create emails

Our team develops the content for each of your emails, and creates a conversion marketing automated program to schedule your emails.

6. Reporting and refining

We provide a performance analysis for each email that is sent out, and implement A/B testing and refinement to maximise traction.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

We offer a range of email marketing campaigns, all of which have different approaches and goals. We can help you decide on the best campaign(s) to target based on your specific needs.

A group of emails designed to welcome new subscribers. They give users an incentive to purchase and help set the right expectations from the beginning. These welcome emails are also a great opportunity to get these people to connect with your brand on other channels.

In terms of Email Marketing Services for Small Business, these are the types of campaigns we most commonly run. If your brand is running a promotion, we put together a series of emails to promote it. Starting with a sneak peak, sparking interest and creating intrigue, we then send out your offer, in a carefully scripted, enticing and sometimes even humorous way.

Whether it’s for a major holiday or seasonal event, these type of email campaigns get very strong traction. Starting early, creating urgency and using colours to match the theme of the season are all very important factors to apply.

Our team is approachable, innovative and ready to help on your next project

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