Investing in Google Ads is a smart move as it allows you to send targeted traffic to your website instantly. If you’re spending more than $500/month on clicks (which most brands should in order to gain some traction) then it’s also highly worthwhile investing in Google Ads Management. Simply setting it up yourself and letting it run can result in your budget getting chewed up quickly by underperforming keywords and ad copy that doesn’t resonate with potential customers or maintains consistency with the landing page they are sent to.

Ads management will not only setup and maintain your account, but provide a lot of data around performance, so you can make the best decisions for the campaign. Here is some information on how to read that data.

Budget Use & Traffic

google ads budget use and traffic

Cost: The overall click spend with Google for the month.
Clicks: The number of clicks from ads to your website.
Impressions: The number of times your ad appeared on a search.
CTR: Click Through Rate: The % of people who saw your ad and then clicked through to the site.
AVG CPC: Average Cost Per Click: How much each click cost when averaged against your overall spend.

Conversions & Calls

google ads conversions and calls

Conversions: Number of people taking action (clicking your email address, clicking phone number, calling directly from ad)
Cost Per Conversion: How much each conversion cost when averaged against your overall spend.

Campaign Overview

Shows all of the above metrics broken down by campaign.

campaign overview

Conversion Type

Shows the specific conversions of the various actions a customer can take on your website.

google ads conversion type

Demographic Overview

Shows the breakdown by gender and age for both conversions and clicks

demographic overview sem.

Device and Day of the Week Breakdown

Shows the break down by devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and days of the week.

Top Keyword Performance

Shows the keywords generating the most clicks and conversions, along with other data.

top keyword performance google ads

The final page of the report runs through our latest actions, regular monthly optimisations being performed, and opportunities, next steps and suggestions.

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