*Note, this has now been updated to reflect the rollout and integration of GA4 Google Analytics.

We have recently upgraded our SEO software platform. It is incredibly powerful and has a range of advanced tools so we can continue to improve your SEO campaign. It also includes new reporting software with a range of additional features. Here, we run through the finer details to ensure everything makes sense to our customers.

Tracked Keyword Overview – Shows the rankings of all your target keywords. This will show previous month and current month comparisons. The right hand side also shows the search volume for each phrase (number of people searching on Google in Australia each month).

Position Tracking: Keywords Overview – Shows the number of target keywords your ranking for in the top 3, 10, 20 and 100 of Google.

Google Analytics: Overview – Shows the number of visitors from organic search last month, the % of new visitors, how many pages they look at on the site, bounce rate, time spent on site, and conversions (goal completions).

Organic Search: Traffic chart – Shows how many visitors come to your website from organic search month by month. Note, with Universal Analytics (UA) being retired by Google, the new GA4 tracking only shows data from when it was installed on a website. Google doesn’t show any historical data prior to this.

seo report organic traffic

Goal conversions breakdown – Shows the top conversions you’ve had for specific goals (ie. phone click, form submission) and the page they entered the website from.

Google Analytics: Top Pageviews – Shows the top pages on your site that people arrived on from search. It includes other data around this too.

Google Analytics: Top Traffic Channels by Session – Shows where ALL your traffic comes from, including organic search, paid, social, direct entries, referrals (links) and more.

Google Analytics: New Vs Returning Visitors – Shows % of search traffic that is new vs returning searchers.

Google Analytics: Metrics Chart – Shows day by day organic traffic over the course of the month.

Google Analytics: Device Categories – Shows a breakdown of the devices they searched on.

seo report device categories

Google Analytics: Source / Medium – Shows which search engine they used.

GSC: Search Performance (Data by Category) – Shows which keywords resulted in the most clicks to your website. Note: this is only an estimate from the tool, as Google hides exact keyword traffic data. The table under that shows which landing pages brought in the most clicks to your website.

Google My Business: Views (Overview) – Shows the number of search views and map views on your local listing (only shows if you have GMB account connected to us).

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