The Evolution of Temerity

We are very excited and proud of our latest website launch and rebrand. We thought it fitting to look back over the various designs we’ve had over the years, from the very beginning in 2003 right through to today.


As a one man show, I must have felt the need to make this logo about “me”. And with no graphic designers on the team at this stage, you can see the branding is very basically. Still, you have to start somewhere.



Despite being a Bombers fan, the red and black colour scheme only lasted a short time. And blue was soon to become the primary colour for the business. The logo was thrown together really fast, this time using ‘merit’ as the key feature.



With a real graphic designer now on the team, we put together some nicer looking calls-to-action. For some reason we still liked a handshake photo prominent on the front page. Maybe we were just super friendly? This was the last website we built without a CMS (content management system).



A fresh new logo and a cleaner looking layout. Our first Temerity site with a content management systyem, Joomla. It was at this time we started implementing catchier copy, and a more prominent form. It was time to start really growing the business!



Our first mobile responsive site, this one showcased a selection of our web design work, and illustrated the ease of the process for prospective clients. The range of services we offered continued to grow.



The business continued to evolve and we made the move from Joomla to WordPress to build our website. It was also the year founder Elliot made the move from happily dating to taken forever!



A new website, a new name and a new logo. Time to get excited!








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